The installation addresses historical shifts in perceptions.

In 18 th century, it was not unusual for some to visit asylums, as in The Rake's Progress (set in Bedlam) by William Hogarth.  As the social contrasts in the painting unfold,  instead of attending to the moral tale illustrated here, I tend to imagine another character amongst the patients in the image.  


In the 18th and 19th century, homosexuality was a "symptom", as Michel Foucault points out in his History of Sexuality: scientific knowledge was used to pathologise and exclude. He stressed importance of dialogue to change perception, including internal. 


This work contributes to the dialogue. 


I reworked several of my canvasses, scarring them with texture,on which I superimposed silicone moulds of plastic dolls.


They serve as a metaphor for personal mythology adopted from repetition and rigidity of social norms and roles.


The  moulds are adrift in the landscapes as Ana Mendieta’s misplaced Silueta were drifting through my mind.